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Frequently Asked Questions



Where Are You Located?

 We have a pool location located in Gilroy or if convenient for you and the instructor, we will travel directly to your home or housing community pool.

Do You Have a Learn to Swim Guarantee?
Yes, we have a Learn to Swim Guaranteed Package of 12 private lessons. We guarantee that your child aged 3 or older will learn to swim by 12 private lessons within six weeks.  "Swimming" is defined as being able to kick with their face under the water, return to the wall after a jump or "fall" and climb out of the pool. To qualify for the guarantee the child must be 3 years or older and have no mental or physical disabilities. 


Learning Kicking skills
Why Should I Put My Child In Private Lessons Instead Of Group Lessons?

 It has been proven over and over that lower student to teacher ratio is the best situation for learning. Therefore, one student to one instructor is the optimal for learning. A private 30 minute lesson is 30 minutes with an instructor. A group lesson for a half hour with four students is 7 minutes per student with the instructor. Private lessons are designed to get your child safe in the water. Christina's Aqua Gliders specializes in quick and effective learning through one-on-one lessons that are individually tailored to the students learning style and developmental level. 


What Is The Cancellation Policy?


Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours from your scheduled lesson time to avoid being charged for the lesson.  Cancelations due to poor weather conditions (cold & rainy or lightning) can be made up to 3 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.


When Can My Child Start Taking Swim Lessons?

Children can begin swim lessons as early as four months old. Very young children may need to begin lessons  with a parent in the water for comfort. Babies under one year often adapt to the water more readily than older children and the weightless environment of the water gives them a great place to exercise their young muscles


What If My Child Does Not Want To Take Swim Lessons?


 It is often hard to place our child in an activity that they initially dislike but keep in mind that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of five! Children who have had swimming lessons have a respect for water, they know they have limitations, they understand the work involved with swimming, and they know there are rules that go with swimming. 

Making Swimmin fun so that learning happens naturally
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