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  About Mrs. Christina Romney    

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  Christina Romney    
Thank you Haley for posting these adoreable pics to my swim lesson page🐳_www.christinasaq

"We hired Ms. Christina to teach our 3 year old daughter and six year old son. Neither of our children have had lessons before and were very fearful of the water. Ms.Christinas patience was extrordinary. She was sweet and reassuring yet firm enough to ensure their progress. We have now had Ms. Christina come to our home to teach lessons for two summers. Although our kids are now water safe, we are looking forward to having Ms.Christina back this summer to teach our kids more about proper stroke technique."

"I tried a variety of lessons with my daughter. She took lessons through the city, at a popular swim school (I won't name any names) and at a local highschool (I also don't want to write any names). Needless to say, we were not happy with any of these lessons. I picked up a flyer for Christina's Aqua Gliders and decided to give her a call. We did not have any big expectations since all of the situations we had been in before turned out to be over priced and without any results. Plus the fact that my daughter(six at the time) was not enjoying any of the lessons. Christina came to our home for an evaluation lesson and my daughter was instantly comfortable with her. Christina was very patient with my daughter, who is very timid in the water. We started having Christina come to our home twice a week for 30 minute lessons. My daughter not only improved her swimming, but she was much more confident when we had friends over to swim. During the week she would constantly ask "when is Miss.Christina coming again?" We have been extremely happy and thankful that we found her. we are looking forward to her coming back for lessons startinh in June! -Jennifer

Background, Experiance And Certifications

I tried out for my very first swim team when I was 7years old. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the sport. What started out as a summer activity turned into a passion. I began to practice daily and soon began to understand the meaning of discipline and hard work. During the 11years that I spent on a competitive swim team I achieved many of my goals. Achieving such goals as placing in the Junior Olympics and placing all four years in the high school CIF championships gave me confidence and respect for the sport of swimming.

Throughout the next few years I got married and had four beautiful children. When my first daughter was born  I found myself answering an ad in the Penny Saver for a swim teacher at a local swim school. During my time working at the swim school I learned many new instructional skills. I learned new and different ways to improve stroke technique as well as the survival roll and float method. While working at the swim school I taught students as young as six months as well as adults. During my time as a teacher at the swim school  I earned a Bachelors Degree in Child and Adolescent Studies from California State University, Fullerton. I then earned my teaching credential in Elementary Education from Cal State Fullerton as well.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine. From as far back as I can remember I have wanted to teach. Being a swim instructor is such a wonderful opportunity for me because I get to mix my love of teaching children with my favorite sport!

The more young students that I teach the more apparent it has become that pool safety needs to be a priority. The ability for an infant to instinctively roll over for air upon falling into a pool may help to save the life of a child.

 Over 18 years ago I began giving in home private swim lessons for friends. I have continued to teach, but now from my home pool in Gilroy. I have been very fortunate to work with wonderful families who have helped me turn my love of swimming and my passion for teaching into a small family business. I truly love the time I spend as a swim teacher!




*CPR Certified



*Livescan Fingerprinted



*Teaching Credential in Elementry





*Bachelors Degree in Child and


  Adolescent Development



*Certified Swim Instructor



*Trained Lifeguard



*Over 18 Years Of Swim Instructor





*Over 10 Years Of Competitive Swim








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