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Lesson Scheduling


Under most circumstances, the first step is to schedule an evaluation lesson.


Once there has been an evaluation lesson, a lesson schedule will be created that works best for both the instructor and your family.


Lessons can be booked weekly or monthly.


In order for a lesson spot to be saved it must be purchased previouly to the lesson.


Beginning in the month of May lesson spots fill up very fast.

A lesson time and day that may have been quoted to you the day before may get booked if you have not yet purchased that time spot.


When scheduling for the month, payment is due on the first lesson. Once payment has been made, the time that you prefer will be booked with your name on it. It will no longer be offered to anyone else. 


As a mommy of 3 myself, I understand just how unpredictable life with kids can be. I do try to be as flexible as possible with lesson scheduling. I  understand how quickly your day can change when you have children. That being said, I do have to follow a strict, across the board lesson policy in order to prevent last minute cancellations and frequent lesson rescheduling. Thank you for understanding.





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